A: Yes.  At no point in the pageant are you to approach or speak to any of the judging panel. This is absolutely not allowed, and you will be disqualified from the pageant. 

A: You will not require people to help you, we have a fully equipped stagehand team.

A:  On USB or CD. You must bring your music with you to rehearsal, pre mixed, and of the highest quality. Your set is to be between 12-14 minutes only, any longer and points will be deducted. 

A: The Crazy Horse has 5 thin spinning poles
Stage Width: 7 meters
Length- (Top Part ) 7 meters
Catwalk Length: 7 meters
Shower Width 2.7 meters (Floor and ceiling water rings)
Floor To ceiling/For Arial 4 meters 
A: Yes, our stage has the ability to use all of the above. If you are to use silks or arial props such as a hoop, you must bring your own rigging carabiner .
The use of pyrotechnics is allowed however, you must have the pageant coordinator and stage crew aware these props are going to be used.

A: You are expected to do a rehearsed, theatrical classy show of your own design and choice. Your costume is expected to be unique, elaborate, glitzy and Glam! The judges are expecting and want a real wow factor! 

Q: You are required to be at the venue for rehearsal, all three nights of the event, and until final scoring is completed.

A: The Miss Nude Australia™ is an invitational pageant series, which means it is not open to the general public. You must be a state winner or 1st runner up from an Australian venue that currently holds the yearly event. 

A: Penthouse Black Label, Roxy Studio, Fiona’s Creative Dance, The Bronzer, South Trade and She Means Business. Island To Island , Moet Hennessy, Think Spirits, Coca Cola and Pernod Ricard

A: Nona Mona, a well known and respected entertainer who has hosted many adult industry events. She featured in Penthouse magazine, and plays a big role in the burlesque scene among the Fringe Festival.

A: Miss Nude Australia™ is held yearly at The Crazy Horse, located at 141A Hindley Street, Adelaide.